Flexi-felt from Furniture Feet Tasmania

A unique and heavy duty solution to protect your floors and furniture

Furniture Feet Tasmania is pleased to offer the Flex-felt range of products as part of our chair and furniture feet collection
Flexi-felt is not like other stick on felt products currently available

Many years has been spent developing a product range that does no easily fall off.
Unlike similar products the industrial strength adhesive is bonded into the felt rather than a surface mounted tape.
This make the adhesion to your furniture extremely strong

The Flexi-felt range is available in:

Sled Chair Glides

Clear Furniture leg Protectors

Office Chairs Castor Covers

Industrial Strength Felt Pads



Flexi-felt Warranty

Due to a very rigorous testing process the Flexi-felt range of products carry the longest warranty of any felt protection product on the market

The sled glides carry a 5 year replacement warranty (terms and conditions apply) and 1 year warranty on all other Flexi-felt products (terms and conditions apply)

If any Flexi-felt product becomes defective or the felt is worn of during normal use the product is replaced.

Lets define "normal use"
Normal use means the day to day use of furniture the Flexi-felt is attached to, not heavy duty use, not swinging on chairs or leaning back on 2 legs. Not constant  moving of furniture to excess

What's not covered under the warranty
Damage, deterioration or malfunction caused by contact or submersion in liquids including water, oils, cleaning products and acids, Misuse and abuse of the product, modification to the product
fire, use on rough or abrasive surfaces, use on uneven surfaces.
Damage caused to floor surfaces due to dirt, grit or grime embedded in the felt is the responsibility of the purchaser


Explore the range of Flexi-felt products below

Flexi-felt Clear Floor Protectors for Round & Square Legs
IMG_1199_1024x1024-300x300 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Sled Based Chair Glides

Felxifelt-Sled-1 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Office Chair Castor Covers

fftas180614018006 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Industrial Strength Round Pads

flexifelt-discs Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Industrial Strength Oval Pads

flexifelt-ovals-300x300 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Industrial Strength Oblong Pads

Flexifelt-oblongs-300x300 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Industrial Small Square Pads

IMG_1219-300x300 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Industrial Strength Strips

Flexifelt-Strips Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Industrial Strength Large Pads

Flexifelt-Pads Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Roll

felt-rolls-300x300 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Swivel Chair Floor Protector

swivel-foot-300x300 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt

Flexi-felt Ultimate Swivel Chair Protector (Heat Shrink)

clear_dark_7ae4674b-fbb3-4f30-b140-5c2791cdcbda_1024x1024-300x300 Flexifelt

button-2 Flexifelt