How to measure for Chair and Table Feet

Getting the correct measurement for your chair and table feet is really quite simple.

Below are the two methods used when measuring

Measuring for chair feet

There are two ways to measure for a chair foot being fitted to a tubular frame.

Internal measurement - Measure inside edge to inside edge of the tube

External measurement - Measure outside edge to outside edge of the tube

From a supplier's point of view we would prefer to have both these measurements as sometimes the wall thickness of the tube varies from frame to frame

Foot-Measure Measure

Measuring for table feet

Measuring your table feet is a little more complicated than for chair

Firstly you measure the diameter of the thread the most common size is 8mm making this an M8 thread

Secondly you measure the shank length, this is the length of thread required.

Most table bases may have an existing foot you can measure and supply us this information

If not then use a ruler or calipers to measure the diameter of the thread in the table base

Common thread sizes are: M6, M8, M10 (metric threads) & 1/4", 5/16th and 3/8th (imperial threads)

Thread-measure-300x191 Measure


Measuring for Sled Chair Glides

There several ways to measure for the correct diameter sizing for Sled Chair Glides

One: Use vernier calipers to determine the actual diameter of the tube and then select the appropriate glide


Two: Use a flexible tape to measure the circumference of the tube (in mm) and then divide this measurement 
by 3.14.  This will then give you the diameter.

eg: (circumference) 45mm divided by 3.14 = 14.33mm (select the 14mm glide) etc

 8mm glide (fits 8 - 9mm diameter tube)
10mm glide (fits 10 - 11mm diameter tube)
12mm glide (fits 12 - 13mm diameter tube)
14mm glide (fits 14 - 15mm diameter tube)

04strogatz1-custom3-300x163 Measure


Three: Use a shifting spanner as a caliper in conjunction with a ruler (click on image)


31X6lzYTDZL-300x151 Measure